GEARS 5 - Kait Diaz Development

I recently finished playing GEARS 5 (finally!) and man...I feel like I was physically a part of a really long but an excellent movie. I'm seriously in awe as to how they pulled it off. Emotional, complex, engaging and really really fun to play.
It prompted me to revisit old folders from the time I worked on Gears and share some of the process it took to design the lead characters, in this case Kait Diaz (protagonist). Thought maybe someone just starting out will get some insight out of it. Trying this trying that, until we hit the sweet spot. A combination of drawing, painting and photo bashing, whatever it took to test different looks quickly. My girlfriend is always kind enough to pose for reference, so there is a lot of her in Kait.
Newest on top, initial iterations at the bottom.
Hope you like!